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Does FXCM accept third party deposits?

No. Third Party deposits violate FXCM's Anti-Money Laundering policies and as such FXCM cannot accept any payments via a third party. Should third party funds be received, FXCM may ask…

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How can I reset my password?

Passwords cannot be retrieved for security reasons. However, you can reset your password. Please go to and select "Forgot Password". Then, follow the prompts.

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How do I deposit funds?

You can deposit funds by logging into Available funding methods

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Please watch the following video on how to connect your FXCM account to Trading View. For some new accounts REST API is not enabled by default, please Contact Us via…

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What is the minimum deposit?

If this is your initial deposit, the minimum to open an Individual account is 50 CCY. The minimum to open a Corporate, Trust, or IRA account is 50,000.00 CCY. If…

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Why did my trade open/close?

At the top of your trading platform click on the Report, button to view your Combined Account Statement. On the statement the "Condition column indicates the order type that closed…

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How can I add a new MT4 account?

Please login to, press "Account Settings", select "Add account". On the field "Choose option*", please select the second option: "Please create a new account with different username information. You…

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What are the current margin requirements?

You can always check the MMR for every instrument on the trading platform, however please use the below table for the latest MMR updates: As of ${ textDate(dateValue) } Filter…

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What is the leverage of my account?

All new accounts are defaulted to up to 1000:1 leverage. Accounts that are funded in excess of $5,000 will be moved to a leverage of up to 400:1 and accounts…

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What is the status of my deposit/withdrawal?

Please check your deposit/withdrawal by logging to Deposit processing times may vary depending on the Deposit Method you used. For the most common methods: Debit/Credit Card could take up…

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Why can’t I withdraw more than I deposited via credit or debit card?

Debit or Credit card withdrawal amounts are limited to the amount originally deposited using that card(s).

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How do I withdraw funds, when my account is locked?

Please use the registered email address with FXCM and request your withdrawal request by emailing [email protected] In the email specify your withdrawal method, your FXCM account number and the withdrawal…

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How to add a new Trading Station account?

Please login to, press "Account Settings", select "Add account". On the field "Choose option*", please select the first option: "Please create a new FXCM Trading Station account under this…

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