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Geo-political events as well as many other macroeconomic factors influence price action and create volatility. Sign up to receive our SMS Trade Alerts (powered by Autochartist1) to help you spot potential trading opportunities.

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How does it work

Are signals explained in detail?

Yes, in every SMS alert text message you will get a link to a dedicated page where you will see entry and exit levels, along with duration so you can better find potential trading opportunities.

What is the frequency of the trading signals?

An SMS text alert will be sent as soon as a pattern has been formed or there is a breakout/emerging of key levels.

How do I add a new instrument to my alerts?

You can either text ADD [INSTRUMENT NAME] or simply come back to this page and resubmit your preference for the instruments you wish to subscribe to.

Can I stop the service at any time?

Yes, just reply with DROP ALL. And to remove just one/some of the instruments from your subscription just text DROP "INTRUMENT NAME".

Our SMS trade alerts help you compliment your trading strategy through:

Chart and fibonnaci patterns

Head & shoulders, triangles, wedges, channels & pre-breakout warnings. Plus all major fibonacci patterns, from extensions to gartley.

Horizontal Levels

Major support and resistance levels, along with pre-breakout warnings.

Consecutive Candles

Expected price range movements for setting market appropriate exit levels. Excessive amounts of consecutive candles or movement in one direction.

Trade with Confidence

Since 2004, Autochartist1 has partnered with many leading Stock, Forex, Futures and CFD brokerage firms across the globe. More than a decade later they service millions of traders in over 100 countries worldwide. Autochartist1 advanced pattern-recognition software scans the market for you and along with professional expertise highlights any potential opportunities to you in real-time.

Markets don't wait, tackle it with the right tools!

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