Friends & Family Referral Promotion

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FXCM attributes much of its success in the foreign exchange industry to client loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals. Our Friends and Family Referral Promotion is our way of expressing gratitude to those who wish to refer their friends and family with, what else but, cash!

To top it off, your friends and family also receive the same bonus when they open an account, fund at least $300 and meet the trading volume criteria.

Interested in being a referrer?

  1. You have an active trading account with FXCM.
  1. Sign up for the promotion by submitting the Friends and Family Referral form on the rightbelow
  1. Invite your friend to open an account , remind them to include your email address in the referral designation field of the application form.
  1. Get rewarded once your referrals have completed required trading volume within 90 days of account activation.

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Were You Referred by Someone?

You've been invited by an FXCM account holder to join FXCM's network of traders. To get started, all you need to do is complete an account application that references the friend or family member that invited you to trade with us in the "Referral" section. This way we'll be able to credit your account with a cash bonus just for trading with FXCM and thank your friend or family member for allowing us to service you.1

View the Referral FFRP terms and conditions.

You Deposit1 Referrer Gets You Get Volume Required2
$300 to < $5000 $100 $100 200 contracts
$5,000 + $200 $200 500 contracts

Starting the 6th referral of the year, referrer each time can get double bonus amount. Each calendar year, the referrer can refer up to 10 referrals.


Based on initial deposit only.


1 contract is equivalent to 1k FX or 1 lot CFDs.

Starting the 6th to 10th Qualified Referral of the calendar year, the Qualified Participant will be eligible for an additional Bonus payment for each Qualified Referral pursuant to the terms of this Promotion For details please refer to the Referring Client FFRP terms and conditions / the Referred Client FFRP terms and conditions.

Three Easy Steps

Make Sure You Don't Lose Out on the Extra Cash Bonus:

  1. Complete the account application now.

Important: On step five of the application, enter the email address of the person who referred you. Follow the format detailed in the picture to the rightbelow.

FXCM - Sample Referral Form

  1. Fund your account.

Deposit Funds The minimum initial deposit is $300 USD. Please refer to the above payout table.

  1. Start Trading!

Once you've completed the required trading volume within 90 days of activating your account you are eligible to receive a referral bonus!

Thank you for your participation and we wish you the best of luck!

Should you have any questions, please email [email protected] or chat with us now.


Terms and conditions apply. Referred clients must apply as natural persons and cannot be former or existing clients of FXCM. Payments may take 10 to 15 business days to process. Referral bonuses are allowed for up to a maximum of ten (10) friend referrals under FXCM per year.

FXCM is compensated through the bid-ask spread. Potential losses and spread costs accrued from placing trades may be higher than the bonus. View the Referring Client FFRP terms and conditions / the Referred Client FFRP terms and conditions.